Villa Morona de Gastaldis

Luxury B&B in Valdobbiadene

Welcome to Villa Morona De Gastaldis

We are proud to offer you an enchanting stay in this XVIII century Villa. Located between the green hills of Prosecco land it is only 1 km far from the city center of Valdobbiadene.


Our Rooms and Suites are fabulously bright and spacious. Each of them has been beautifully restored with original touches. Sink into a generous king bed and dream of the adventures still to come.

Imperial suite

Imperial Suite


250,00 €/ NIGHT

King Suite


230,00 €/ NIGHT
deluxe room



191,00 €/ NIGHT
superior room

Superior Room


191,00 €/NIGHT

Queen Suite


191,00 €/NIGHT

Executive Room



Villa Morona De Gastaldis it's a XVIII century villa located on the top of the promontory denominated "Località Fara" in Valdobbiadene. The antiquity of the territory can be seen on the place name "Fara" which come from a Lombardic linguistic style, thus, from the early Middle Ages. At the same period is also bestowed the presence of a monastic settlements. However, we have to wait until 1542 to find the name of Marco da Cobertaldo, the exponent of a rich local family, who owned the entire hill. This is a relevant example that proves that, until the XIV century, local squires still used to control their territory opposing to the Venetian invasion. In 1571 another name is mentioned: Giovanni Savioni, a rich Venetian merchant who commissioned both the Oratory of San. Francesco and probably the restoration of the complex of the Villa transforming it in the typical "Venetian Villa with Oratory".


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